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    I would like to introduce the PULI:

    Origin: possibly the Puli’s ancestors are ancient Hungarian shepherd dogs. Our traveler forefathers brought the Puli with them to the Carpathian-basin, to help them to organize the flock, herd and the stallion. The huge komondor and the kuvasz was guarding the belongings of the owner while the Puli’s were holding the animals together. The real turning point was around the beginning of the 1900. It was discovered again but not as a sheep dog. The extensive shepherding was replaced by the intensive farming. The Puli’s role was reduced in the life of the flock. Although, their traditional duty was kept, they stared to fulfill jobs that were convenient in the circumstances of their owner: they became house dogs. After the 2nd World War the breed became less popular, until these days is could not get back its popularity.

    Behavior: We can state about this dog that it can almost speak. Basically the Puli can understand everything. The well trained Puli does not only understand the words of its owner but the signs from him, moreover the dog takes the owners wants as an order with its eyes and absolutely carries is out. It is energetic, agile, very vivid temperamented and is never a lazy pet. It is brave practically, it is not afraid of anything. It is a braking dog.

    General description: its hair is thick, curly or wavy its young age. Later on is forms curls then they become a strong structures band or sting. Its hair robe is structured from rough upper hairs and fine lower hairs. The eyes are covered with dense hair from the top its head like an umbrella, this way the head seems round. Its color can be black, white, faded or the shade of these colors.

    „This is not a dog, this is a Puli!â€


    More information: Fehér Puli Kennel: Rábaközi-Nemes Kennel


    Fehér Puli Kennel: Rábaközi-Nemes Kennel

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