Denied adoption by foster mother over asinine reason

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue Forum' started by MCDC2014, Oct 20, 2016.

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    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I joined because my boyfriend and I had been previously denied an opportunity to adopt a small dog who we knew would have been perfect for our small apartment in Brooklyn, New York. The reason? Because the dog in question is shy around people and the foster mother is nervous about the dog taking walks "in the city" mind you Brooklyn may be part of NYC but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is anywhere busy as the Big Apple itself. We live in the quiet, Forte Green neighborhood in Brooklyn and were absolutely devastated that someone (the foster mom) would assume that we were unfit because of where we lived when Houston, TX (Where the foster mom and dog reside) ranks #4 (right behind Brooklyn) when it comes to population! I can't help but think that the foster mother wants to keep the dog. What should I do??

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