Daddy the pitbull passes the torch

Discussion in 'The Dog Breeds' started by Fran101, May 22, 2009.

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    I swear you only read the meaning in what I write that you what to hear or expect to hear.

    What does it have to do with DA? Well if Sal had been on that porch he wouldn't have run down there and if he had he wouldn't have attacked the dog. Granted I wouldn't put him in that situation for his own safety but if he was in that situation he wouldn't be driven by DA to confront that other dog.

    I also did say in that post (apparently you fast forwarded past) "Now you and I know that it was the fault of the idiot human"

    For BSLs to happen, the attack doesn't have to be against humans....that was my point. If people view PBs as killers they will vote for BSLs.

    What is your definition of "Real" dog? (nothing implied or inferred here...honest question)

    You say dogs fight thats just that surprised me from someone with a bully breed. You and I both know that bully breeds take fights much more seriously than most other breeds. Yeah they fight but nothing we do from breeding, socialization to training should facilitate that IMHO.
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    and it's STILL and ALWAYS an owner problem. and BSL will still be ineffective. but sure, i agree. DA is sometimes used as an excuse to start campaigning for BSL. but then again, a pit bull running up and jumping on somebody or barking excitedly can be used to start BSL as well.

    people are afraid of pit bulls because it's fashionable.

    many dogs of many breeds will fight. it's normal dog behavior. much of it is ritualized, but not all. i believe it's taken up a notch by pit bulls, both in seriousness and willingness. i think their switch is just easier to flip. but so what? if you don't like it, DON'T OWN ONE.

    this morning at the training club i saw four different breeds of dog show significant dog-aggression or dog-reactivity. one of them is a dog working in utility level obedience. not a single one was a bully breed. go figure.

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