Dachshund's stolen from breeders kennel

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    I received this message from the Eastern Canada Dachshund Club today, and am posting it
    At the very least will make us all aware that this is going on, sadly
    these dogs could end up just about anywhere.
    Jen Eppell
    Brochund Reg'd. MW Dachshunds

    I have received information from two different sources that ECDC Member
    Danielle Rochon had 4 dogs stolen from her kennel last night. The police
    have been advised, and I understand that Vet clinics in her area have also
    been advised. Danielle lives near Quebec City.

    I am also sending this message to some Canadian Dachshund Rescue
    people in case they hear anything about these dogs.
    Perhaps ECDC members could forward this message to their own vet

    The stolen dogs are as follows:-
    Pinceau 9 yr old red std longhair male - tattoo HOI 10F
    Brett miniature Longhair chocolate male tattoo GJW 4L
    15 month old red std longhair male tattoo HOI 3
    Capucine 2 1/2 yr old standard longhair black and tan female Tattoo HOI 4N

    Anyone who might have any information on these dogs,
    please contact Danielle at 418-476-0028
    Thank you
    Ray Smith ECDC President

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