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    Ok I need your guys opinion and thoughts. My brothes bestfriend Brandon has this 11 month old GSD Mindy who is really sweet, but I am confused if she might be starting to develope DA. She tore into his parents dog the other day pretty bad. But the situation set up was this: His parents rescued this BC pup who is about 5 months old named Lucy and Sneakers who is 14 year old small little mutt started snapping at Lucy as old dogs sometimes do to annoying little puppies, well anyways I guess that is what set off Mindy to attack Sneakers. And Mindy did hurt her pretty bad.

    So do you think this could be a continuing problem for Mindy getting worse with DA. Mindy is at are place alot and I dont want something to happen to my little Teagan. And I would hopefully want to help Brandon with this problem if I can. She was very well socialized as a puppy, but she did have some fear issues as a young puppy as well. She is a BYB puppy and the breeders let Brandon take her home at 6 weeks of age. Crazy I know.

    And are GSD natoriouse for DA problems?

    Thanks Chaz Friends!:)

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