Completely changed personality

Discussion in 'Dog Grooming Forum' started by Marston, Jul 13, 2006.

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    I took my dog for a grooming at a new groomers. he was there for 6 hours. When I got back he seemed very nervous. Within a few hours he was cowering and shaking and hiding. It has been three days and he is not the same dog he is of course but persoanity wise he will not play, he continues to shake and hide. He is completly distraught. Has anyone had anything like this happen. I know they can be a bit depressed after a grooming but this is so much worse. He is a year and half year lod Bison Frise and llapso Apso mix. He was the sweetest dog always wanting to be right with us and very playful. All that has changed and I am very worried. Please any other experiences like this or suggestions would be appreciated.

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