Community rallies for injured dog-by Chris Schaefer

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    Sept 11 marked the anniversary of a tragic day for our nation.
    It was also a day of personal tragedy for the local (St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada) Suchostowsky family & their beloved dog Bailey. [​IMG]

    It began as a relaxing evening in their backyard, a common sight for many of us on a warm Saturday evening. Wendy & Mike Suchostowsky & daughter Brandy were enjoying time together with visiting family members when their night was shattered by the horrifying noise of a roadside impact, the heartbreaking sound of their dog Bailey screaming in pain, and sight of him trying to make his way back to them, severely injured and bleeding profusely.

    Neighbors witnessed a small speeding car hit Bailey, stopping only long enough for Bailey to “fall back off the car”, then tear off into the night. Witnesses estimate the driver was going 100-120 kms/hr when it hit the dog, and stated "the driver obviously knew they hit something, but did not stay to find out what or who they had hit”. The accident occurred in a 50km/hr residential zone on King St. in St. Jacobs, at approximately 8p.m. on September 11th.

    “He’s in rough shape” said Wendy. “He may lose his left leg, it was torn to the bone… he might lose his right ear which was partially reattached, and he has multiple lacerations, exhaust pipe burns….even tire marks on his back.” "We are devastated by the injuries Bailey has suffered, and shocked at the negligence of this driver. I can’t believe they didn't stop…it was obvious they had hit something. It might have been a child for all they knew!" said Wendy of the hit and run accident. Bailey was secured in their yard while family visited, but “someone must have untied him to play….” stated Wendy. “Bailey does not normally go that close to the road. I know he shouldn’t have been there, but he just didn’t have a chance with the driver going that fast, especially since it was dark”.

    Mike, accompanied by a friend cradling the injured dog in a blanket, proceeded immediately to an emergency vet clinic while Wendy stayed to comfort her daughter Brandy. When later told that treatment for Bailey’s extensive injuries would likely exceed $1500-$2000, Mike & Wendy didn’t hesitate to authorize it. “Lack of money was not going to stop us from taking care of our dog. We made a commitment to him when he joined our family, and although we had no idea how we would pay the vet bills....we would never forgive ourselves for letting him down.”

    Despite the fact that the family finances are strained due to Wendy being laid off from her job at MTD, the decision to save Bailey’s life was immediate, said Wendy. "He isn’t “just a dog” to us. He is a cherished part of our family. He goes everywhere with us, sleeps with the girls and is very important to us all. We would never put Bailey to sleep just because we couldn’t afford to save him. We’d only consider that if he was suffering too much and couldn’t be helped.”

    It seemed a miracle that Bailey even survived the accident and the family, determined to save him, had no idea how they would pay the rapidly mounting vet bills. Their prayers would soon be answered…….

    When members of the community heard about Bailey's tragic accident, and the unconditional love of his family despite their financial situation, they decided something needed to be done to help them. “It takes a community to raise a child and we feel this applies to animals as well” stated Chris Schaefer of Creature Comfort, St. Jacobs. “Our business in the pet supply industry and association with rescue groups has given us the opportunity to meet many caring people and we immediately put out the word for help. The response to date has been heartwarming and we hope this has inspired others to show a pet in need that their community cares”.


    “Bailey Benefit Fundraiser” event:
    Saturday, Oct 16th 11a.m.-5p.m. (rain date Oct 17)
    Weber's Fabricating (across from Picard Peanuts)
    3044 Sawmill Rd, St Jacobs, ON

    This community fundraiser is being held by Creature Comfort to assist with Bailey’s vet bills.
    Details regarding this fundraiser, including online silent auctions, advance raffle ticket sales, 50/50 draw, or cash donation options are available by contacting:
    Creature Comfort
    95 Northside Dr
    St. Jacobs ON N0B 2N0
    (519) 664-3366 or email
    Please help us show Bailey his community cares! Complete details available at Creature Comfort for Pets & Pet Lovers
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    Terrible accident, but it's heartwarming to see people stepping in to help. I hope you have a HUGE turnout! :D

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