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    i study a national diploma animal management in england, i havea animal behaviour assignment and was wondering if u lot can see whether you think what i have put is correct, whether u agree etc. (pls do not give me answers just wat u think)

    The task was to write a report discussing the different ways in which humans use training methods and teach animals for use in sport or as pets. The report needs to include the following areas.

    The suitability of different individuals/breeds/species for different roles e.g. working aniamls

    The effects of domestication

    House training and trick training

    below is part of my answers-

    Training animals can be done in many ways that will suit the owner and animal. The most popular way of training animals at the moment is by using the clicker. When the animal hears the click it will receive a treat. So every time they do something right they will know this by the sound of the click. So click and treat. This is done by the classical conditioning. Other ways are by using your own voice and treat, or toys. Depending on what the dog is more interested in then its best to work with that. So if a dog is a lot more interested in toys then work with toys, or if it is treats then u work with food bits.

    There are many breeds of dogs and many types of animals in the world that have their own breed in the animal. Many breeds of dogs are used for different roles in the world. Some of the breeds are better then others at working. Most people will associate as police dogs as being German Shepherd. Why are German Shepherd used as police dogs. They have the stamina, loyal, fast, an excellent obedience worker and alert, this is why they use them as they are strong hearted and love to learn. They need to be able to chase humans for a far distance this could not be done by a dog such as a Yorkshire terrier. They just do not have the stamina to be able to do the same work as a German Shepherd.

    Breeds such as deerhounds, bloodhounds and Irish wolfhound are used because they posses a lean, powerful body and long legs and most have a deep chest and they were bred for finding and chasing down prey such as deer, rabbits and many other animals. They can do this a lot better then other breeds as they have the strength, and are also fast breeds to out run other animals and the strength to bring down an animal such as a deer. This is the reason why bloodhounds are used instead of German Shepherd (GSH) as the bloodhound has 300million scent detecting cells unlike the GSH that only has 200million cells. They have a much higher scenting ability.

    There are two main theories of how domestication went on with man and wolf and the two are below:

    Many many year ago when they’re where no breeds of dogs such as German Shepherd, Boxers or exotic breeds as a Shar Pei, but their were wolves. The villagers and wolves started to use each other to find food. The wolves would follow the villagers for food, as the villagers would leave them some odd bits of food and the villagers would follow the wolves when they have the scent of food. The wolves would also eat all leftovers or food that was thrown for the wolves that hung around the campsite or village. The wolf would then serve as a useful purpose as they would be cleaning up the remains of kills and the village it self. Because of this people then said that the wold domesticated themselves, as the calmer wolves with low levels of fear were the ones that scavenge near the village. These then got use to man and where then domesticated by man.

    The villagers would take back with them on a hunt some wolf cubs where they were then hand reared. Women would nurse them and this is how the relationship came ahead between wolf and man.

    Once the wolf grew up, they were then allowed to hunt with the men and the pups from the tame wolf would also be accepted into the family life.

    The pups had to be associated with man in the first 19 days to be accepted by the humans. But dogs can be of 12 weeks.

    These are the two theories that people have as to whether the dogs domesticated themselves or it was people that domesticated them.

    The effect of domestication has made tame dogs bond and care for humans, unlike the wild wolves where they would be aggressive to all humans. Tame dogs do not need to hunt their own food, but the wolf will still need to hunt and find their own. The tame dogs will tolerate other animals and humans but the wild wolf wouldn’t, as it would be a source of food for the wolves. The effect of domestication has being for the good, as there is so many different breeds that work with humans and help to save peoples life, such as the St Bernard that would be used in the mountains to find injured/lost people. Newfoundland’s that would be used at sea as they are very good swimmers. The only problem with the domestication is that some humans have gone too far with dogs and bred dogs unhealthy like the bulldog, also humans that have trained dogs to fight like the pitbull.

    House training needs to be done really to let the animal know where there business have to be done and also for health reasons. Training them is very easy especially with puppies as they learn quickly. Clicker training is properly the best tool to use, as they know they have done something correct when they hear the click.

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