Christmas time is here again

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    And So It Is Christmas.

    The season of peace on earth, and goodwill to all men.

    The season of giving, and spending enormous amounts of money on things we don’t really need.

    It is also the season of pain and misery for some.
    One the 25th of December many families will welcome a new life into their homes.
    The kids will be thrilled and excited, and the family will take pictures and be overjoyed at the delight the new addition has brought to their happy home.

    However, for many, this new addition will soon be seen as the root of all things evil, something to be disposed of, and something to be thrown outside like the rest of the garbage and forgotten, or it will be abused and broken like so many other Christmas gifts.

    The problem is this new addition is not an inanimate object; it is a living sentient being. This Christmas gift feels pain, feels hunger, feels abandonment, and fear. It bleeds, it cries, it needs to eat and drink to sustain life. Yet in today’s society it is abused and forgotten, starved, chained and left to die.

    Of course I am talking of the Christmas Pup or Kitten you got for the kids. The one you just had to have for Christmas morning. The one you paid top dollar for, to some lowlife BYB or Miller. You can be sure that you dollars made for a very happy Christmas for them, your dollars and the other 20 or 30 people who also paid top dollar for the puppy or kitten they just had to have.

    I beg anyone who reads this with every ounce of my being DO NOT BUY AN ANIMAL AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT, and DO NOT BUY FROM MILLERS AND BYB’S. If you actually wait till about the 2nd week of January you will be able to visit your local pound and get the animal you want so much without a problem. You will find everything from the so-called hybrid puggle to the $1000 poodle, to the Turkish Van cat.

    I hear you ask why, well … people will dump them around about that time, they are old Christmas gifts that are either abused or broken, or people no longer have the time for, or the kids got board with them. If you really want an animal in your life, save these lives, don’t feed the puppy millers and the byb’s. Also if you really want animal understand it is a long term commitment, not something that can be just given away when you get bored, or they get old or sick.

    Also, if someone asks you what you want for Christmas, and you have no idea what to answer, say “CASH” then donate it to you local small rescue. (Just a thought.)

    A list of rescues that could really use your donations can be found at under the supported rescues link.

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