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    Hi there!

    I am Stumppa and sadly I don't have any doggy companions at the moment, however, I do have a ragdoll cat named Noah who is the derpiest cat I have met. I live in Finland but I hesitate to get into Finnish dog circles, as they are scary. The other reason why I come here is to get to know other dog owners in America (and why not all over the world) so I get to know the doggy culture there. I might move to America next year since my fiancée lives there and we are planning a future together!

    A dog is also planned into that future! Good thing we both have had dogs before so it won't be so scary to welcome a new family member.

    I am relatively young person who relishes nature and art. Dogs are a fun subject to draw and my blog will consist of my doggie art of the future. If there are people interested I might post some of my older stuff here on the forum. Hell, I might just post some anyway ;D!

    My future plans consists of getting knowledge of becoming a groomer and maybe start a doggy daycare business. But groomer skills first!

    So there, me in a nutshell, this forums seems to be a pleasant place and I cannot wait to get to know you guys!

    Stumppa out!

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