Caucasian Ovtcharka

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    I'm going with Pops on this one that what your hubby has is a Sage Kooche ;) A CO would not fair well in the heat of Afghanistan. Their coats are to protect them from harsh Russian/balkan winters in the Caucasus mountain range.

    I've lived temporarily with 2. Sometimes at the same time sometimes with just one (long story). I met them when they were about 2 years old so just coming towards the end of their "accepting" stage. The female has been socialized way more than the male and had more thorough training in allowing visitors to the house. The male it took a month before I could even be in the same room with the dog offleash and relaxed. I had OC along with me too. We never introduced the male to him but the female (who's home I was spending more time at) we went through a process to introduce the 2 and within the same day she fell absolutely in love with him (was easy considering OC is a neutered male who has no problem submitting without going overboard wriggling all over the floor and acting goofy about it). He shows subtle submission signs which being a primitive breed the CO readily understood and accepted.

    COs can be quite social and goofy as pups and owners sometimes assume that theirs is "soft" which can lead to disaster once their true colours start showing. Throughout puppyhood they also go through a number of fear imprint stages that need to be handled properly. As adults they will defend you with their life no matter what (whether or not its even called for). COs are one that will kill first and think about it later if training and socializing aren't thorough.

    Very hard very serious breed who should never be an impulse buy. Even people with experience with other guardian breeds aren't always ready for something this extreme.

    I am hoping to own one in the future but it wouldnt be until I have my own property way up north

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