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Discussion in 'Cat and Pet Forum' started by Paige, May 17, 2012.

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    My mom has a 5 year old spayed female cat. She will sit on the same arm of the chair as Brobee after he's already been sitting there for awhile. She is really good with him for 5-10 minutes then will swat him hard across the face and scare the living crap out of him. He is trying to hard to be friends with her. He follows her everywhere but at a distance and is so curious but she goes back and forth from ignoring him to swatting him pretty roughly, to ignoring him again.

    Think these two will get along? She doesn't hiss at him and is letting him get closer. He is incredibly playful and she is playful too. Pigface has lived with other cats before and used to play but that was years ago. They've only been in the same house a day and a half.
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    I would give it time...

    Is there a safe room you can keep Brobee in with litter box, food & that has a door with a bit of space at the bottom that they can meet and play through. Cats to best if introduced indirectly first. If the show interest that way after a few days letting them out together while supervised is usually better.
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    If it's only been a day and a half then they are making better progress than they could be.

    I agree, let them meet through a door first. Cats can take some time getting along and its best to try and start things off right.

    Two of my cats after three years will now tolerate each others presence and no longer hiss to scare each other away.

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