Casey needs some serious vibes

Discussion in 'Cat and Pet Forum' started by *blackrose, Sep 8, 2010.

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    I have upped her dosage and she seems to be doing better. I haven't noticed anything "off" with her since I upped it in terms of behavior other than her being tired - which, since she is anemic, is normal. She sleeps almost constantly, but when she is awake she's awake and alert. She normally eats first thing when she wakes up and then again before she goes to bed (with a little here and there during the day if she is awake) so I've just been giving her the meds right before I know she is getting ready to eat. I've been giving her .2mLs twice a day.

    And, unfortunately, I don't have any other vets availible to me. The one exotic vet in the area became ill and is shutting down his practice (which is a shame because I LOVED him). There is a vet at another small animal practice that is a pocket pet specialist - Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, etc. - but I don't know if she has ever handled ferrets. Purdue is the best place around to take her, but I get a price break at the clinic I work at so I opted to take her there since they can just call up the Purdue vet for opinions. The only other place I could take her with ferret experience is almost an hour away. Unfortunately, I don't have the resources for that. :(

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