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    Hi all,

    A friend of mine who is having a hell of a time is needing to find a forever home for her girl while she makes arrangments during this difficult time.

    This is free to cross-post if there was a great home in the states we would consider it, but I think it would be too stressful for Tiger to get across the border.

    I hope it's ok to post this here, if not please remove or move.

    URGENT- Tiger, a 2 year old border collie cross (suspect with fox hound or beagle) located just outside of the GTA, is looking for a special low-key home in the country or suburb( in a house setting preferably with a large back yard). Tiger suffers from globalized anxiety disorder which is now under control with medication. Tiger's current owner is dealing with major life change issues and unfortunately cannot take Tiger with her to an apartment setting due to her anxiety disorder, luckily she does not suffer from seperation anxiety and is left home during a normal 40 hour work week.
    We can transport Tiger as far as needed to the right home. Please note that dogs who suffer from globalized anxiety disorder, do live with anxiety in some form every day and while there is a lot Tiger can do for you, she can be a great snuggle buddy and awesome non-performance sport dog (on your property with your own equipment) she will never be that care-free dog that loves to go to the dog park, can compete at events and even going for walks on the street have been a lifetime of work for her dedicated current owner. Tiger has been clicker trained from day 1, you can get a lot of free literature on operant conditioning and clicker training online, please note free- training lessons with a positive reinforcement trainer are mandatory if you are going to adopt Tiger. We will arrange these free of charge for you at your home location. Tiger knows a ton of tricks and has impeccable obedience skills and currently has 20 behaviours on cue. Tiger is great with people of all sorts, including children, but due to her anxiety levels, young children (which she has been exposed to since a puppy) are too stimulating for her, therefore she isn't suited for a home with children under 14-15. Tiger has been well socialized with a bunch of small animals including cats, a parrot, rats and a rabbit that has free range during the day for a few hours.
    Tiger comes from a farm and was found by her current owner in isolation at 6 weeks old in a mom and pop pet shop where her owner was working at the time, in a different section. The staff were unaware of the criticalness of this socialization window for a young puppy, but did need to separate her as she was the runt of the litter and had been trampled by her littermates. Tiger fully recovered and does not have any gait, or limp but she does have hyper arousal/reactivity towards other dogs. She did grow up with her owners laid back female lab cross and the two are best buddies. Tiger did meet other puppies from 6 weeks on, but had already begun reactively barking after her injury in isolation at other puppies in the store. Her owner has done 2 years worth of working with her vet on behaviour modification and working with medications to help reduce Tigers daily anxiety. In the last 8 months Tiger has made huge amounts of progress on walks and can now remain underthreashold and remain engaged with her owner while her owner clicks and feeds Tiger for offering behaviours that Tiger has learned. However, these sessions take a big toll on Tiger and she remains with elevated anxiety levels for 12-24 hours after an outdoor walk session. My friend bought Tiger her own treadmill and trained her to be comfortable on it. Tiger gets a daily run on the treadmill which she does off leash, on her own while my friend goes about her business, returning at random intervals to reward her. We will help you get this started at your location as you will need to generalize the behaviour and go back to basics temporarily, but this training will be provided for free. She runs daily for 45 minutes- an hour and a half as she is a border collie cross she does have alot of energy, but she settles very well in the house and has never destructively chewed a single thing. Tiger also likes do tracking out back and retrieves like a champ toys out back. Tiger has never bitten another dog, but due to her reactivity and high anxiety level, only someone with a high degree of experience working with high anxiety/ reactive dogs will be considered if they have another low-key non- reactive dog friendly dog in your house. Otherwise Tiger will need to be your only dog for her entire lifespan.
    If you are interested in Tiger because you understand what life with a dog like Tiger would be like, or know someone who has a suitable lifestyle for her please e-mail me at Due to my friend's ongoing challenges in making arrangements during this time I will be handling screenings, and home-checks prior to Tiger being placed with anyone. Again, free training is mandatory after you adopt Tiger to help her adjust into your lifestyle which we will arrange with you prior to placement. A small fee will be required to purchase Tiger.

    Pictures can be e-mailed.
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    This is strange to me. After reading about this dog, it seems someone should be paying the person who adopts her. lol.

    Oh well...I hope she gets that very special forever home which will require a very special new owner. She sounds pathetic. It's really sad what no socialization can do to a dog.:(

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