Camera Suggestions, please!?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by SmexyPibble, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Yup VR lenses are good.
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    You've been getting a lot of Nikon recommendations here, and for good reason too, they're great, but I also think you could look into Sony Alpha if you are looking for a DSLR.
    I have one and its great, so i am going to be a bit bias, but whenever i was choosing a camera i had to choose something not too expensive. So, it was either Nikon D40 or Sony A200/A100 for me!
    I ended up going for Sony for many reasons... A lot of peeps here are talking about VR (vibration reduction) in their lenses, and Nikon has specific VR lenses that are more expensive than non-VR ones. However sony have built VR, or 'super steady shot' as they call it into the camera itself so it is available to all of thier lens collection.
    Anothe good point is that sony fits minolta lenses too, which you can get (perfectly good! i have one) second hand for a great price if you can't afford the ridiculous prices for most lenses.
    And although they say megapixels aren't everything (i agree), its handy to have plenty at your disposal at the start when you'll probably be cropping your images to get them just right. As time goes by, you'll proabably improve at training your eye to frame the shot when taking the picture. Atleast, thats whats happening to me! (Nikon D40 has 6mp, Sony A200 has 10mp)
    Also, Sony have only been producing DSLRS for a few short years, but are already 3rd in the camera market for market share. (Canon 1st, Nikon 2nd). So they are doing very well already and are keeping the market leaders on their toes. So you can trust they are great cameras.
    Oh, and they are pretty :)
    So if you are looking for great value for money, i think perhaps Sony Alpha is worth looking into. (you can get sony a200 for about £250 now, not sure what the exchange rate is so can't tell ya how much that is in dollars)

    But there's just my thoughts, just so you weren't just getting all nikon suggestions.
    I think you just gotta get down to your local camera store, have a feel of them all, flick through their menus (you might prefer Nikons in the end!) and just decide for yourself.
    Both awesome cameras, so you won't be disappointed!
    Good luck anyways!


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