Cali's first boating experience!

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    So, on a whim, my mom decided to take us about to St. Andrews to go whale watching and then for a bit of shopping. Seeing as how we were going to be gone for at least ten or eleven hours, leaving Cali home wasn't really an option.. so she tagged along.

    When we were shopping, she got to meet a little shih-tzu and dozens of people who just had to run up and give her some loving, which she couldn't refuse, haha. After about an hour of walking around, we went to the car to get some water and then grab our bags before heading to the boat.

    There were only about fifteen people on it, but luckily they didn't mind Cali being there. There was also a four year girl who absolutely adored Cali; she probably gave her about a million kisses and at one point, was even on all fours jumping around playing with her. That was probably Cali's favourite part of the trip as she seemed to really like the girl, and would excitedly greet her whenever she came back up from the bottom of the boat.

    It was pretty cold at times too, so Cali ended up getting wrapped in a blanket for a good hour or so.

    Then after three hours, we finally were back at the dock and Cali was promptly greeted by two Bernese Mountain Dogs. I think it was actually my first time seeing one who was full grown, because he was huge with a massive coat. I had to pick her up though because it was clear that the owners had little control and the dogs seemed to be dragging them a little too close to Cali.

    I do have some pictures but I'm trying out a horse today so I'll post some when I get home. :)

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