Caleb's had a busy week...

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    Since last Friday, we've done Nosework in 3 different places with about 10 hides each day (last Friday, then Tuesday and today this week). A couple hours after we got home from that last Friday, somebody from where we train came over to work on the new Rally signs. When we got done, Caleb and her Lab had a grand old time racing around the yard and playing in his pool. Saturday was a repeat of Rally. After finishing Nosework today, we went for a walk in the river where we usualy hike. Yes- in the river. Water depth varied from about mid-thigh to ankle deep. Nice way to get excercise and stay fairly cool at the same time, plus, if the dogs get too tired from swimming, they can walk along the edge (we were with two Nosework buddies). After we got home, Caleb took his usual "power nap" at 3. An hour later, he's still down for the count!

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