Broken haired grooming question

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    Ok I have an airedale terrier , and well I;m starting grooming her really seriously for the show.
    well I had problems with haire to grow up ( legs, and mustache).
    They told me that if I bross her every day and spray her a solution of 1 part of conditionner ( human one) mixed with 3 parts of water , that can help the hair grow faster.
    They told me too that science diet is not good for long haired breeds. I change to eukanuba.
    do you really think that's help ? and it's not bad to the hair making that every day ????

    Other question:
    They told me that for the jacket I can clean it with alcohol ... I didn't try I was a bit afraid about it ...
    They told me to claena the jacket with dishes soap , but only puting the soap and moving with a bross into the hair without water ... ( I wash my pointer with that , but puting a lot of water)
    I really don't trust people that's why i prefear ask , before having bad results!
    I never wash my terrier jacket but this last time she's very smelly ... So that's why I would like to know.
    Before I used to wash her with a special wire haired shampoo , but it was worst the hair were so soft after.

    Thank for help!

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