Brain games? My poor dog is bored.

Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by Paviche, Oct 11, 2012.

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    On Friday I was injured at work (long story short, a dog took out my knee and I've been in a brace/on crutches/on leave from work since then.) My poor good boy has been so patient and tolerant until today. He's used to going to the daycare I work at 5 days a week and since Friday we've done nothing but sit around the house. Today he started getting restless and frustrated and I don't blame him. The problem is, I'm still having a hard time doing just about anything. We played some tug & chase with a squeaky toy earlier and that helped, but toys don't hold his attention for very long so it didn't wear him out.

    He does get worn out by mental stimulation so I guess I'm looking for suggestions there. New tricks would be good, but I can't get up and down very easily - we were working on roll over, but I'm not mobile enough to get down on the floor with him to lure him from a "down". It's got to be something I can teach either standing or sitting in a chair. He knows spin, speak, bang, shake, wave, "be people" (balance on hind legs), wait, and touch (more or less.)

    He's super food motivated and enjoys when I hide a bunch of treats/food around the room for him to sniff out and find, so we'll do that. Any other ideas?

    As thanks, here's Rowan demonstrating his "wait" with a walnut.


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