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Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by Nataly, Mar 29, 2004.

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    Well, a week ago exactly we got an adorable boxer puppy: My mother has a friend with a male boxer, who had just become a father. One of the puppies born was given to the family once they found a home for him, but as they took him there the people had second thoughts, and my mother's friend realised she couldn't leave the puppy there. So, devastated about the situation, with no place for the puppy, she convinced my mom to take him, though we didn't want a boxer in the first place, for several reasons, mainly that they are too big and strong for me and my mother to handle, and we worry we cannot keep him anymore. We have grown to love him very much, regardless of him playful but painful biting. He's been to the vet twice, once right after we got him (the next day, since he arrived late in the night), and once today, and it seems that he's gonna be especcially big, strong, and "action-seeking".
    Anyway, I'm looking for advice on how to look for the right person for him, since it's very important that he finds a good home. Also, any idea just how big and strong, and hard to train (also an issue) boxers can be?
    By the way, we named him Maxwell (Max for short), but he doesn't respond to his name at all, is there a way to teach him his name other than just repeating it whenever we speak to him? Our last dog, Margo, knew her name even if she didn't always respond. She was very stubborn..

    Nataly Eliyahu

    P.s. As a side note, if there just happens to be someone on these forums who lives in Israel and is interested in a joyful, active, loving boxer puppy (1 month and 3 weeks old)? It's a slim chance, of course ;)
    I'll have pictures soon. :)
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    Hi Nataly,

    Boxers are usually bright, gregarious extroverts. They're normally intelligent and learn easily, just sometimes they lose focus; there's just so much fascinating fun stuff out there to distract a pup.

    This is a pretty good site to get basic information on different breeds; maybe you can learn some things about Boxers that will help you.

    It sounds like you and your Mom are already very attached to Maxwell. You may find out that a Boxer is just the dog you want!

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