Boundry Training and a few other things

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by mrose_s, Jul 2, 2008.

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    Okay, so since Buster and Harry have been seperated, I can see Buster relaxing. Its like he no longer has to keep up this thing in front of Harry and now he doesn't have to worry about it. Its resulted in a much happier, more exciteable dog. He's got so joyous the last few weeks its amazing.

    But, its come with a couple of issues. I've been going over his down and sit stays and he's getting so solid with them. And he loves them, his focus on me is increasing ten fold just because he's waiting for that one release word. And when he gets it, omg flat out at me. I love that bit, I love that he is finally showing a bit more drive and I don't want to try to stop that. The isue comes when he gets to me, he has developed this idea that its the MOST fun to launch himself at my chest or alternativley jump in the air and fly right past me. WHich is very cute but I want him to sit in front of me. I have tried to give him the sit command a few metres before he gets to me, giving him enough time to react but its like half the time it doesn't register. I don't want it to be derimental to his "sit" command

    I've also been practicing his "stops" when I wait till he is flat chat then tell him to stop, then down. His stop the last few days has been terrific, like he actually skids to try to stop himself and the down is getting more automatic but its not there yet. Should I keep trying to use this to slow him down a bit so I can get his head back on before I call again? Or should I go back to shorter distances or could this decrease drive because it seems like his favourite thing is running.

    His other issue which has developed is that he's getting very mouthy. Only when he's excited. Mainly when we're doing agility stuff which he's quickly deciding is great fun. Instead of follwing my hand, every few steps he's jumping up to grab it. I've started yelping and walking away from it all when this happens but havn't been doing so for long so I'm thinking thats the way to follow atm and see how we can turn that around.

    Now the last issue which I've been wondering about for a while, boundry training.
    I decided it has to be somethign I work on when he got out on the weekend. He's not the sort to run off, so by the time my sister noticed the front door was open (I was still asleep) Buster and Sophie were just strolling down the front steps together coming home again. But with Buster's DA in a highly dog populated area (he;s not DA offleah, but dominant and I would just rather him not be in the situation), and the fact that he hasn't had much exposure to kids and there are a lot of kids around here. I would like to put the effort into making sure even with the door wide open, he doesn't leave, same with the 3 side gates even when I'm not around.

    He doesn't rush out the door, he knows to wait inside if I'm going out. I can leave the door wide open and go to chek the mail and he'll keep his little feet on the carpet just inside. And its not even like he takes every oppurtunity to get out unsupervised. There have been times where we've accidetnally left him out and he's barked at the door to come in, and other instances where we hacn't noticed the door is open, had to go retrieve another dog and he hasn't had an interest.

    So how do I go about making sure that he knows that no matter if no-one is around, no matter if another dog wanders out, no matter WHAT that he does not leave without permission. He already needs the release word when we're leaving for walks.

    I guess if I can work at this aswell, its just one more thing to teach him to control himself.

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