Boundary training adult dogs?

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by PWCorgi, Aug 10, 2008.

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    What's the quickest/most effective way to boundary train an adult dog?

    I want to be able to take Izzy and Frodo along when I go to my mom's boyfriend's house, he has tons of land where they can run and swim until they drop, and they love it there. The problem is that right in front of his house there is a road, it's not used much and the speed limit is 15mph, but I don't want Izzy and Frodo to be on it at all. One of the issues I think I'm going to have is that Shelby (his border collie) will cross the road if there is no cars coming, but I don't think Izzy and Frodo are smart enough to watch out for cars. I've thought about putting in an invisible fence, but the only place I want them restricted from is the road, not the land in the back and sides of the house, and I'd prefer that they know they can't cross it in case they get out without their collars on.

    When they were puppies I boundary trained them with the horse pasture so they wouldn't accidentally be kicked, but they grew up knowing they weren't allowed in there. How I did it was to keep them on a long leash and tell them ah-ah if they were about to cross the fence. If they didn't cross the fence they got rewarded. If they continued under the fence I would reel them in and run backwards, praising and treating when they came towards me and away from the fence. Not sure if it was the best method, but it worked and they really don't have any interest in going into the horse pasture.

    I just don't think a simple treat, even a really high value one, is going to be a strong enough reinforcement if they want to go on the other side of the street, especially if Shelby goes across, but I don't want to use aversions unless I absolutely have to.


    TIA :)

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