Bikram Yoga

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    Anyone here do it? I'm considering trying it out and wondering if it would help me out with my stress and anxiety.

    So tell me the good, bad and ugly... What should I expect? What should I bring? I'm out of shape and overweight so I'm planning to take it really slow and not over exert myself.

    What are all the benefits? Are there any major dangers to doing bikram yoga that I should be concerned about?
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    IDK, I am scared of hot yoga. I get hot in regular yoga. I do traditional hatha yoga three times a week. Have you done traditional yoga before? Because the studio I attend recommends a minimum of 5 beginner classes before attending any other class. (Power yoga, hot yoga, etc.) I would definitely second that. If you have yoga experience I say go for it. Just try a class and see how you feel after. I am just really terrified. lol. I was sweating buckets in my regular class tonight. I may give it a try some day when I am ready for something new.
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    Yeah getting a whack of someone else's sweat in your face
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    My mom is a certified Yoga instructor. She started out just as a student like 10 years ago and has slowly worked her way up, it's her passion/hobby now. She just took the teaching course to hopefully go to Haiti and teach, anyway.

    She doesn't just do Bikram.. but here is what I know in general about it as well as Bikram

    The good? She is much healthier, toned, fit, has better balance (much stronger core), feels better, know more about her body, is much more relaxed and in tune with her body, MUCH less anxious and stressed. It's great work-out wise as well as just general emotional wise. The changes I've seen in her (even after YEARS of therapy and treatment for stress related anxiety that runs in our family) are astounding after she started really getting into yoga.
    More good.. the classes often times are close knit. Great way to make friends :) Usually a fun great bunch of people! The outfits are really comfortable (yoga pants..)

    People of all sizes and activity level (especially in beginner classes) are welcome. This isn't a crazy cardio class where you are all facing a mirror and jumping up and down with a group. You are usually encouraged to go at your own pace, as far as you can go, with an instructor close by to help you

    Finding a great instructor is ESSENTIAL (BIKRAM CERTIFIED!) . One who understand body structure and who can help you (not just by doing it herself) but by correcting you and helping you along.. doing these moves wrong could really hurt you or make things worse.

    The heat/sweat literally flushes toxins out of your body. YOU FEEL BETTER afterwards. Way better. It also improves flexibility.

    Being able to do that much exercise in the heat really improves performance over-all. I can run further and LONGER. it has helped my endurance especially. My body is now OK with perfoming under stress because ****, if I can do it in hell, I can do it outside lol

    It is non-competitive. Seriously.. don't worry about it. Yoga people are famously self-centered. I swear nobody is looking at you lol many times, yoga prof simply cover the mirrors in front of the room (if there are any) this really isn't about others like many classes are.
    Classes will be full of people of ALL KINDS/AGES. So no worries :)

    After a class like that, you feel like super woman. You are amazed at what your body can handle and just feel powerful and shiny and awesome!

    The bad? On a personal note..I find it hard to go back. It's HARD to get in the car and head back knowing what awaits. It's always worth it.. but oh god.. I hate being hot.

    In general.. the bad is that it is hard. The moves are sometime difficult. Some people in the class are more flexible and it's hard not to compare yourself that that girl with her legs over her head lol. Balance and training.. it's EXHAUSTiNG and that was surprising to me.. I thought it would be relaxing (which it is overall) but it's also a WORK OUT

    The ugly. IT IS F*CKING HOT. Not like "oh look at my sexy glistening body" I mean, HOT AS HELL OH MY GOD I AM ABOUT TO COLLAPSE BUCKETS OF SWEAT DEAR GOD.. Hot.

    During that class, at one point, you will hate yourself for doing this to yourself. you will hate yoga. you will hate the instructor. and most of all.. you will hate the hot box of a room you are in .

    What to bring to general yoga? I like to bring my own mat, water bottle (I really like camel bak water bottles), yoga pants, workout top, sports bra, extra pony tail ties, and headband, towel
    To Bikram? Coconut water, gatorade (your favorite electrolyte drink for after/before class), 2 LARGE towels (I keep one to sit on the car.. you will be gross and sweaty/one if I plan on showering at my yoga studio) and small towel (to keep next to you in class)
    TERRY CLOTH HEADBAND (towel material or the like) you don't want sweat pouring down your forehead into your eyes.

    I take my mom's classes a lot (she does it off/on when she has time) and I think it's an awesome experience, although its not my favorite way to work out, for those who love it.. it's GREAT!

    - DRINK DRINK DRINK. 24 hours before your class.. drink lots of water/electrolytes. You are going to be sweating A LOT
    - If you feel dizzy/light-headed/sick don't be afraid to just LEAVE.
    - Do not eat 2-4 hours before class.
    - Put on deodorant. lots of it.
    - Do not try to wipe the sweat off yourself/your face or itch or fidget and DO NOT FAN YOURSELF during class. It is distracting to other students and frankly, totally pointless. Sweat will continue to pour and you are making yourself hotter by moving about. It also messes up your breathing!! DO NOT FIDGET
    - Don't wear anything too loose. Your instructor needs to see your posture.
    - Don't be late.
    - BREATHE. Really focus on breathing. It is so vital and in that kind of heat.. you will faint if your breathing is off.
    - Get used to sweat. It will be everywhere. It takes getting used to.

    - Try to avoid drinking water during class. I know.. you're probably like "WHAT?!" but seriously.. all that water sloshing around doesn't help.. at all.

    What to expect the next day/after class.

    After class: You will feel tired, covered in sweat and yet somehow like a greek frikin godess. You SURVIVED and feel AWESOME. Going outside and breathing that air will feel like the first breathe you ever took

    Next day: Oh god you are so sore it hurts to sit on the toilet seat lol

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