Beware - do NOT look directly into the brindle

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    It has powers you know not.

    I have a light day today and am working from home. I had to run an errand and brought Xena and my youngest daughter with me. Xena needed a pit stop, so we stopped by the local park with a dog trail (bag stations like every 100 yards). The park has a baseball/softball complex as well, where there is an college showcase tournament going on (basically, 16 to 18 year old girls play and invite college scouts to watch them).

    As we walked past the fields, these dedicated individuals who are working hard for college scholarships start going "sqweee! she's so CUTE!" and come running over to ask if they can pet her. Eventually the coach came over saying, "Girls, tournament to play. Remember?" and then saw Xena and bent down and started scratching her ears as well.

    We left before the umps showed up to start the game. Didn't want to delay it any further :rofl1:
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    Awwwwww, doesn't a scene like that just make ya feel so good inside, how happy critters can make everybody...

    Sophie and me have had walks past a local technical school when they let out in the afternoon. Packs of guys in their late teens looking all cool, straight up.

    Then Sophie walks by and "OOOOooooh check out this dog man, oooooh heeeey hey girl yoooouu are a preeetyyy girl, my brother got a dog like her, my cousin too man aaawww she likes you, come here ooooooh she licked me man ahhhhhhhh

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