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Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by SunnyNJazzy, Oct 10, 2011.

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    I work at a doggie daycare and a bonus to that is I get to take my dogs to work with me. However it has proven to create a bad habit for Mysti and I am having a terrible time fixing it.

    With the set up of the building I am in the back with the dogs and if a customer comes into the lobby a doorbell goes off in the back and I go upfront to help the customer. When that doorbell goes off all of the dogs get excited but are usually pretty quiet, Mysti however has decided she must bark incessantly upon hearing that noise. How can I correct/redirect her reaction when in this group setting?

    I can't take excessive amounts of time getting her to stop because I need to get out to help the customer, food/rewards is a touchy thing to have when there is a large group of dogs, and she does not respond to any verbal corrections/dances out of reach so I can not touch her to get her attention/redirect.

    So far I have tried click/treating when she is quiet and trying to teach the command quiet which works well but as soon as she senses I am not completely focused on her she sets off again.


    Also I am still having issues with her being obsessed with going outside, she will stand at the door and whine and if I let her out and I dont follow she will jump on the sliding glass door and bark. eventually she leaves but it takes awhile... I've tried just walking away/turning my back and verbal corrections the only thing that makes her go out quietly is if I put a citronella bark collar on her which I REFUSE to use as a long term "fix it".

    I've never had such a loud dog! HELP!!:hail::yikes:

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