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Discussion in 'Dog Stories' started by Fallout, Mar 12, 2005.

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    So My mom Volunteered to watch my friends dog for the day and its funny cuz I got a dog already. My dog is used to living with other dogs but this little girl we got for the day is just like 2 or 3 years old so she isn't. so my dog is following her around the house chasing her round in circles. He just wants to check her out and she just runs away kinda looking scared.
    You can totally tell she wants the attention from him though. My dog gave up and just layed down somewhere and she tries to get his attention by barking or cuddling up with my mom (dont do that he gets jealous even if I do it lol) but yea its cute you can totally tell she wants his attention and wants him to chase her around :p

    she was on the couch and he looked up at her and then she ran into the kitchen and around and gave a weird look when she realized he took her place on the couch haha its so funny.

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