Athletic, loving dog needs rescue ASAP

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue Forum' started by suztheday, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Hi, I am new to the forum, here for the love of my sweet stray, Benton.

    I have had Benton, a stray I found, for 3 months and have been eagerly seeking a new home for him without success. There are several reasons I need to find him a new foster home, mainly that my landlords have said he has overstayed his welcome, and secondly because I can't give him proper care because I have cats and he cannot be off leash in the house because of them.

    I am reaching out on this site because Benton could make a GREAT sports dog! He has a high prey drive, he is high energy, has a narrow focus, he has an athletic build (a 45 lb, lanky, muscled, terrier mix), and really hones in on his tennis ball! He is also good with obedience.

    In some other ways Benton is sort of a "project". He's met trainers, each of whom says he needs socialization because he didn't get it as a young pup. Yet, he is highly anxious and *may* not be good around all dogs. He needs to be in a home with a very calm dog or a only dog home. No cats and no small kids since he's prey driven. He can be a lot of fun, loving, & well behaved, he just needs some work and attention.

    He's 1 y/o, neutered, and vaccinated.

    I am in St Louis, but I would truly be willing to transport him almost anywhere. If I don't find him a home soon I will have to take him to humane society, which in St Louis is a kill shelter. PLEASE share this info with anyone you know who might be interested. Contact is suztheday at gmail.

    Thank you.
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