Arggg... potty training problem, or anxiety?

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by StealthDog, Oct 2, 2006.

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    Winnie, my corgi, has been a "problem potty trainer" since I got her in June. She was never trained by her former owners, and I got her as a 10-month-old. Got her pretty well trained in the first month, then a night with a bad storm seemed to have a reversing effect on her training, and she got really bad. After intense supervision, we finally had 3 1/2 accident-free weeks... and now she's having problems again. I started school, and there are kennels that I can bring her to. I am able to get her outside about every two hours for potty breaks. Her first week in the kennels, she was great. Then, then second week, she had two poop accidents- something she NEVER has at home. This week is her third week, and she had another poop accident today- runny, very small amount compared to a normal have-to-go-poop poop. And then this evening, she was laying next to me in my bed while I was studying, and she got up to, I though, rearrange herself and the blankets- but instead, I found she was PEEING IN MY BED. She had been out and peed only two hours before this accident.

    ARG, I am SO mad at her. This just isn't like her. She does seem really anxious about staying in the kennels (tries to avoid going in the kennel building and into the kennel itself, hangs her head, barks when I leave, etc). I give her a Kong stuffed with meat, but she'll ignore it completely. She ignores any bones (including raw) that I put in there. I'd like to give her some distractions, but she just doesn't pay attention to them. It's like a reverse positive reinforcement- rather than good things making the kennel good, the kennel makes any good things bad. I try not to make too big a deal out of putting her in or taking her out of the kennel, but she still obviously dreads me leaving and rejoices when I pick her up. I've tried ComfortZone and not noticed much of a difference.

    We are going to the vet tomorrow with a fecal and a urine sample, and I will talk to the vet about whether this is physical or behavioral.

    I love being able to bring her to school, but I just don't have the time to clean up a poopy kennel/dog every day... but the alternative is leaving her home alone for 8 hours. Rawr. She was so good the whole first week... :confused:

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