Are Newspaper add haven for good breeders?

Discussion in 'The Breeding Ground' started by planet molosser, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Well again the above posts forces people to say . But I or She. So I wont bother.

    Breeders who put adds in specific publications read by people they want to send pups too is NOT the same as putting pups in the classified next to swap meets.

    Sorry If I want to place dogs in working LGD homes and need to let people know about a new LGD breed vs the typical ASD or Pry then the magazine is a outlet to the 1st step of screening which is to get buyers who are looking for a specific function in a dog.

    Bird dog people hunting dog people look at hunting mags and they ask about titles the person has or what type of hunting they do.

    How this equates to the topic Newspapers? i dont know.

    Most people who put adds in specific functions do the MIn or the Max to prove the dogs.
    This topic was not to make us wardens about what is a good breeding and what is not.
    It is FACT that newspapers have more shitty breeders than magazines.
    But It dont make mag advertisers good either.

    And im sorry Good breeders dont need help , once they are out of the novice stage , return buyers who want more than 1 dog and word of mouth when they meet your dog with new owners is all I ever needed..

    And I feel sorry for any buyer who read this thread and takes a chance on a newspaper puppy I really do. The Chances of them finding a good breeder is like a needle in a hay stack . And I wont lose any sleep knowing I did not steer them into the wrong hands.

    If you are in need of a pet people pls ingore this thread go to a shelter.
    If you want a working dog or a specific function of any kind.
    Do a term paper on the breed and the breeders visit many and compare the newspaper advertiser to the non advertisers. It may be worth your wait to put in a application for a puppy not born yet but bred for specific functions and tested to fit your needs.

    Same risks in shelter dogs _ unknown factors in breeding - But you save a life and the shelter will take the dog back if it does not work out. Plus they try to test temp to make a match. And at least the Vets try to find issues they can help you with.

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