Anyone remember me? Been awhile......

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue Forum' started by RagstoRiches, Apr 17, 2009.

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    Hi all fellow dog lovers. I haven't posted here in the past 18mos so just a quick update in case you do recall my story.

    I've now had my rescue mutt,Rags, for about 3 yrs. He's doing fine & a couple of months ago we finally found a small female dog to keep him company. (the terrier mix was put down Dec. 07 from old age).

    New dog is a white/liver American cocker spaniel & she was left @ a shelter in horrid condition. Had to have all her fur shaved off so she was rather pitiful looking,I didn't care,I wanted her! She had an ear infection which has since cleared up. Good nutrition is the key I think.

    Once again no idea of history of the dog nor is the age clear. We named this dog Buttons,she's too cute with her freckles & spots. I'd never even met a cocker before so have had alot to learn!

    I hope to find some other people owned by cocker's here.......she's becoming "sweet" & has stopped trying to bite my face off & learned to give me sweet doggie kisses instead.:hail:

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