Anybody want a Lilly?

Discussion in 'Cat and Pet Forum' started by *blackrose, Mar 10, 2012.

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    I know this is a long shot, as I'm sure transporting a cat wouldn't be the easiest thing in the world, but I thought I'd ask. LOL

    We're tentatively looking for an indoor home for Lilly. She just has such a long coat that trying to keep her groomed when she lives outside is an absolutely nightmare. She already has some serious mats that we are going to have to shave out now that the weather is warmer. She's been meowing at the back door more and more and is darting into the house almost any chance she gets, so we think she just needs an indoor home that can brush her coat for upkeep. Although we are in no hurry to place her, if the right home comes along we aren't going to turn it down. We already have Apollo, Mikey, and Pheobe inside and not only does Dad say no more indoor cats, Pheobe barely tolerates Mikey and she absolutely hates the other girl cats.

    She'll be a year old in April, I think. Spayed, has had her yearly shots. Sweet as can be, gets along fine with dogs and cats, loves attention, and talks a lot. She isn't, however, fond of being held. She wiggles the entire time you're carrying her.

    Some pictures - first one is recent, others are baby pictures:

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