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    I know breed specific legislation may not affect everyone in here, But PLEASE stop to consider how unfair targeting a certain breed is! Ask yourself "what if that was my dog?" The below crosspost is in referance to legislation that will protect people from "dangerous" dogs regardless of breed, while allowing responsible owners of any breed to have their dog freely! NOTE: if this legislation is made into a Law at the federal level it WILL NOT repeel current regulations at the state and local levels.... HOWEVER it will set presedence for the diffenders of fairness to get those local laws revoked! so I implor everyone to read up about the propsed legislation and PLEASE contact your federal representatives with letters, feel free to make suggestions in those letters regarding the legislation :) thanks!

    Hello everyone,
    Well your help is needed once again...and I want everyone to know it's most defiantly appreciated.

    I wrote my senator back in December 2004, and I asked if he would look into proposing Ryan's law at the federal level.

    I did receive a call last week from Senator Durbins staff, first off thanking me for bringing this matter to his attention. And secondly for telling him about what had happened to Ryan, and the new law that is named after my son in Illinois.

    Senator Durbin's aid also told me that the legislative staff is looking into, Senator Durbin possibly proposing the "Ryan Armstrong Law" at the federal level. I mentioned kind of like the Amber alert that we now have.
    No promises yet, but still a good thing that they are at least looking into this.

    So this is excellent news and, I hope this will be something that Senator Durbin wishes to propose.

    Now with all of that said I need your help again...
    Please contact your senator first off, and secondly your congressman.
    Please voice your concerns as too why, this would be an excellent law to have on the books at the federal level.

    Non breed specific, fair to the responsible dog owner, yet very strict if and when a dog causes harm.
    Targeting the irresponsible dog owner, and letting you the responsible dog owner the right to property.
    And obviously what ever your thoughts are about Ryan's law.

    Link below to The "Ryan Armstrong Law" in Illinois.

    Please mention "The Ryan Armstrong Law" to your congressional leader, this is important so Senator Durbin can get, this info passed on about the law from his colleagues in Washington DC.

    If we all let our representatives know how we feel, in Washington maybe this will be considered by the senator.

    I think it would be great to get the "Ryan Armstrong Law" passed into law at the federal level, as I would hope many of you feel the same.

    This way we have a fair, doable yet strict dangerous/vicious dog law across the board and protect people rights, which I have expressed to the senator and his staff.

    I mentioned in my letter that we see too many states without a fair doable law, to protect our children and the general public.
    But also I see peoples rights being violated, which breed bans are popping up all over the states. Which as everyone knows I do not believe in the bans they are a waste of time and the tax payers money.

    Below is a link to find out how to contact your congressional leaders.

    Thank you for your time as always and please feel free to cross post.

    Jeff Armstrong
    "The Ryan Armstrong Law"
    Parents Against Irresponsible Dog Owners
    Consultant for the ACF (American Canine Foundation)
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    You have come to the right place. Just about everyone here agrees that it is not the breed of dog, but the owner that determines how a dog is brought up. Throughout this forum we have a wide variety of owners and an even wider variety of dogs. Though there may be quibbles here and there, we all care about each other, and each other's dogs, and we know that no matter the breed, these are great dogs because we all care so much about our own, and everyone elses dogs and that is why we are here to help each other and rally behind each other. We have great owners here, and great dogs for that matter, and every breed you can possibly think of. We have German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Yorkies, Filas, Golden Retreivers, Dachsunds, and mixed breeds, etc. all of which are some of the best dogs you could ever come across.

    I didn't really mean to go through all of that, but I just wanted everyone to know that I know what great owners you guys are, and the wide variety of breeds we have, and it more than proves that it is the owner and not the dog, since all of you are so great, and your dogs are so great. I would trust you guys with Brady, and believe me, that is the highest form of flattery you could ever get from me. Not just anyone gets that sentence said to them. ;)
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    Thanks Bogo!

    I can't say I'm ready to see ANY more federal laws on the books. Sorry, but as much as I'm for responsible ownership, I'm adamantly opposed to more of Big Brother. There are enough laws on the books to cover careless and irresponsible ownership at several levels; just enforce the ones that are already there fairly.

    As Benjamin Franklin noted, "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

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