Animals that our soldiers befriend are being murdered!

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    *Humane Society of the United States Alert!* :mad:

    Animals that our soldiers befriend are being murdered. What ARE they

    Citing concerns over public health and troop morale, the
    Department of Defense treats stray dogs and cats befriended by
    military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan as enemies of the
    state: *The animals are collected and killed

    This approach not only represents an about-face from military
    policy in previous wars, when pets were often treasured mascots in
    company units, but also flies in the face of modern science, which
    argues that vaccination and sterilization, not indiscriminate
    euthanasia, are the most effective tools to prevent an outbreak
    and spread of rabies.

    Contact President George W. Bush, our Commander in Chief and a
    fellow dog owner himself, and tell him that Americans support our
    troops in Iraq and Afghanistan--*and the companion animals who can
    give these soldiers comfort while in hostile territory*. Also tell
    him that if America wants to spread democratic values
    and civility, we must set an example. One way to do that is for
    the president to order Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to
    reverse military policy on pet ownership among troops and spread
    the message of humane values throughout the world.

    Go here to send President Bush a message that this is NOT acceptable to

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