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    So my dad's dog is in some serious need of mental stimulation (that is, I need to work his brain so he stops telepathically torturing the other dogs and stealing my armchair). But as a terrible trainer and not very creative person...I have no idea what else to teach him.

    He's a really sharp little dog, and his current repertoire includes the following (excuse me if some of the translations are bad...I will explain where I can because I don't use English commands):

    Sit: also, "sit pretty" in which he tries his best not to look like an empty beanbag
    Heel: self-explanatory
    Come: self-explanatory
    Down: self-explanatory...I also tried to teach him to cross his front paws from this position but his chest is too wide
    Roll over*: both ways
    Play dead: also, "more dead" gets him to stick out his tongue
    Spin*: both ways
    Twirl*: spinning on his back legs
    Bring ___: self-explanatory
    Woof: self-explanatory
    Hound dog: phrased "you ain't (aren't) a hound dog"'s a "woo-woo" sound
    Circle*: both ways, around me or objects
    Eight*: both ways, like an "8" shape around me or objects
    Put 'em up: front paws up
    Paw*: self-explanatory, me or objects
    Yea, buddy: both paws, one on each hand
    Let's see that @ss: eh that one's my dad's haha...he puts his front paws up on something and pivots around it with his back feet
    Sneeze: (can you tell i was getting desperate???)
    Yawn: yea...
    Wave*: self-explanatory
    Knock it over: heehee this one is fun and he gets to be creative
    Jump: straight up and down...usually in tandem with me

    All-purpose commands:
    Through, under, over, up, around*
    Open: refrigerator because he's too short for doors
    Beat it/git: general go-away command haha
    Go: this one we worked on a lot...basically it's so I can direct him without following him. He does forward, left, and right.
    Seek: this is only for scent work-type stuff. I'll give him something to smell (like a food item) and he'll find the rest if I lay a trail. He also will do it with names (like "Dad" or "Hannah")

    * in these commands, direction is differentiated by "left" and "right" preceding the command (yes, really)

    He has some physical limitations (keep in mind he is 11), and he will NOT take unfamiliar objects in his mouth. Lately I've been making him work harder by putting commands into sentences and trying to link commands (bring Patrick [stuffed starfish haha] and sit), but he's quickly learning that and then we'll be out of things to do.

    Also, before anybody starts to thinking that I know what I'm doing...I don't. So if anybody has *ANY* ideas, please please please explain thoroughly how you might go about training them. He's not easily frustrated, but I'm dumb sometimes! I use a clicker and I'm not against luring, but also keep in mind that he is extremely soft.

    Please help! Otherwise he will quite possibly start making blueprints for a tank or something....

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