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Discussion in 'Agility and Dog Sports' started by mrose_s, Mar 27, 2005.

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    I'm 15 and i live in Australia
    My family owns this dog we found him stray (poor thing :( ) and he's great, but a little over protective, as soon as you walk outside the gate he wants to kill all other dogs. (but he is never really serious) :)
    my mother and i are going to take him to obediance classes and and social events to work on it.
    He is already very obediant (at home), he can jump through and over things, sit, drop, stay, leve it, sit up from a down position, go get things, fetch, bring them back, drop things, spin, go outside and he can sit on chairs and your lap eventhough he weighs 20kg. :eek: He can do most of these things outside the yard but it is a lot more labour intensive to get him to relax.
    He is not purebred so can he do agility?
    And what would help me show him agility can be a job and so let him forget distractions.
    THanks for all your help, maggie

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