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    Many months ago, possibly a year or more, I got a bike. The intention was that I would take Harleigh biking and we would both have a ton of fun. Well, Harleigh wasn't too keen on that idea as she was extremely afraid of it. We worked on getting her used to it, but never really had any breakthroughs.

    That is until Thanksgiving, when we took our very first bike ride together. It was only for a little bit and she is still a little unsure of it, but overall I think she loved it :D

    A Thanksgiving Day bike ride. by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr

    And since it has been a little while a few more recent pictures.

    She thinks this is a giant dog bed for her. She loves laying on it to look out the window and also to sunbathe.

    Lazy by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr

    We have some fall leaves, so I wanted to get some pictures. She wasn't into it, but she's still cute. Lol
    Not into modeling. by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr
    Harleigh by AdventuresOfACrazyLab, on Flickr

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