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    Where can I buy an agility set that is not a fortune. I have read that Huskies will do it and I would like to start when he is young.

    Have you done agility before? I always recommend taking a class if you're not experienced in agility, because it's very easy to train agility wrong, and end up hurting your dog or killing your chances of competing.

    I took agility classes with my chihuahua for several years, but when I got my collie I had to take classes again because training a small dog is so different from training a large dog, and I have no idea how to train him. ;)

    Huskies can definately do agility, but they're really difficult to work with because it's hard to keep them motivated throughout the whole run. There's a husky in my class whose owner is VERY experienced in agility; she takes our class plus private lessons with the trainer, and she still has a very hard time with keeping the dog motivated and moving.

    ETA: Plus most people don't necessarily buy a whole agility set to use at home, they'll buy a couple of pieces of equipment, the ones their dog needs more practice at. So it would probably actually save you money, if you get into a class and see how your dog likes it, and then just buying the most important pieces of equipment.

    I don't think there's anywhere to buy "affordable" contacts (frame/dog walk/teeter), but there are cheap fixes for the rest of the equipment.

    For weaves, I bought "stick in the ground" fence posts and paid ~$10 for a ribbon with the rivets in it to space out the poles correctly. 12 weaves for under $25.

    For jumps, I went to home depot with some measurements and the guy there cut it all for me. If you want the official jump cups, you can order just them from clean run, and buy the pvc to build your own jumps. 3 jumps for ~$20.

    For a tunnel, I sucked it up and bought one from affordable agility for $75 or so. For a young dog or a small dog, a kid's play tunnel from toys r us would work. Honestly, a giant cardboard box would work at first. Drape a sheet over the end for a chute. The idea is that they're comfortable going through something.

    I would highly recommend taking a class to start out though. It does a lot of damage if you introduce the equipment too fast and scare the dog, so you want someone who knows what they're doing guiding you.

    No I was just going to do it for fun and exercise being that I don't have a huge yard. It is bigger than average but I am just trying to think of fun things for him to do when he's in the yard. I will be able to walk him in the evenings/night. I'm going to get him a kiddie pool also. I am just used to the Goldens being thrilled if you throw a tennis ball a few times but I know a Husky will expect more than that.

    Goldens and huskies are very different. Goldens like to do things WITH you - train with you, play fetch with you, learn tricks with you, etc. Huskies tend to be very independent, and like to do their own thing regardless of how you feel about it. This is what makes them difficult with agility, but it also makes them difficult with a lot of other things. If you're looking for a snuggly dog who will worship you and want to play with you all day, you might not find it in a husky.

    So I wouldn't say they want MORE THAN what goldens want, but they would want different things than what goldens want.

    Yep, you'd be better off with lure coursing or bikejoring or something.

    My mostly Sibe sled dog mutt knows how to fetch, knows how follow directionals, jump, etc. Buuuuut she doesn't give a flying crap about fetching and would absolutely not care about agility. As in she fetches really nicely for me, but she doesn't enjoy it like other types of dog do.

    My mostly GSD sled dog mutt on the other hand really likes to fetch with me and really doesn't understand when Lily does very husky stuff like spastic husky zoomies. She's much more engaged with me in activities like fetch because she doesn't have that Northern breed aloofness. She also gets run everyday, but she doesn't start doing obsessive behaviors if I make her take a rest day because she doesn't have the same inborn drive that Lily has to run all day.

    Not to say it won't fetch or enjoy agility. There is always that odd duck! But the odds are not in favor of it.

    Making a flirt pole and getting a long line would be awesome ideas for low impact exercise and giving the pup's prey drive an outlet. Coupled with good groundwork like CU games and positive basic ob it would build you up a nice little dog. Just remember, they don't blindly jump when you say like goldens and other breeds.... they are very smart and are always asking, "hmmm, so whats in it for me? Lets see what happens if I do this instead..." I personally really like that about them, but not everyone is going to find that fun. Also don't be suprised if you get backtalked. I love the talking, omg.

    OMG I have never heard of a flirt pole! I have got to buy one! I know Gunner would even like this because he chases the cat toys I just never knew what they were called. I do have concerns about how different the Husky will be from the Goldens. I have had all types of mixed dogs through the years and for most of my life German Shepherds and have had no issues. This will be a challenge but I sure will have fun in the process and I can't wait to get back talked! lol
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