Adopting a rescue...question!

Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by Dreeza, Oct 4, 2017.

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    Hi all! Been a long time since I've posted...

    I am looking to adopt a rescue, and came across a pit bull that was cross posted from Houston (I am in Seattle). I am nervous about adopting a dog that I haven't met, but she sounds PERFECT. She is 3 years old, and the rescue says she is a total doll & sweetheart without an aggressive bone in her body.
    She is currently in a kennel, so she wasn't sure about her in the house, but "can't imagine there would be any issues". She is going to take her home with her though for the next week or 2 to confirm this.

    I have a 6 month old, and need a low-maintenance gentle dog. I'm in no rush to adopt, so am looking for a perfect match.

    As some may know, my previous dog was incredibly high maintenance & had aggression issues, and I have zero capacity to deal with those things at this stage in my life!!

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