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    Adel is my Saluki female. I imported her from Kazakhstan two years ago. She was raised without proper socialization and, when she arrived, I nearly lost her, so wild she was. Now, I am the only person in the world, who can touch her and take her on hte leash. She would not trust anyone else. She is not a shy dog, but very dominant with other dogs. She is only 32 pounds, but very athletic, fast and eager to hunt. She also has relatively puur feathering on ears and tail. As you can see in some show strain Saluki hair on ears is hanging literally half way to the ground. You will never find it among aboriginal Saluki. This is a general trend among show breeders to select for profusely haired dogs, which we can see in the Afghan Hound and in the Borzoi show lines. For a hunting dog it would be not practical, because the dog with too long hair would collect plenty of burs and dirt.

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