a poem about Emma

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    I just wrote this poem about emma while she was sick. It is connected to the second blog I wrote about dreams..

    Slipping unseeing into peace,
    The dreaming world so familiar and young,
    Visit me again in the hills and trees,
    The secret bushes with the dew on your tongue,

    A concerned hand comforting...

    Strange aches and pain plague your sweet body,
    The disease ravages curiosity,
    Ravages desire,
    Ravages these bones,
    Once so full of strength,

    But the dream world comes once more...

    Running running running,
    Swept off into treasure troves of hidings,
    Old biscuits and golf balls with rubber bands flying,
    The unknown sandbox, the secret bread,
    The soft comfy feeling of the big bouncy bed,

    The sad smell of food...
    Is it here again?
    It won’t go down,
    You try so hard but it won’t go down.

    No more worries for your poor little mind,
    Just hush and sleep now.
    I’ll be right behind.
    Slipping unseeing into peace,
    From the dreaming world.
    To your final release.

    The sand box was a place where she would take bread and dig it and hide it when she was young.
    The golf balls she would chew until the bands flew everywhere and then she would try to catch them.
    The secret bushes were where she would hide and watch you from, until she could sneak up on you.

    While she was sick she tried to eat but couldnt, she would look at us and I knew she was starving..

    Anyway.. this is about her when she was ill and would drift off into sleep and dream..
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    That is beautiful!
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    i agree. one great poem you have done. Bravo nice work.

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