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Discussion in 'Dog Health Care' started by Cali Mae, May 24, 2013.

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    I have a couple quick questions about eye sight and hiccups... two completely unrelated things but I figured I'd ask them in one thread.

    1) What would be the cause of partial blindness in the left eye of a three and a half month old dog? Would it be likely to progress to a full on blindness or is it possible that the eyesight will remain the same?

    2) How normal are hiccups for dogs? I've never actually heard a dog hiccup until tonight when Dooly started hiccuping. My dad's girlfriend says he does it a lot and she's planning on buying one of those slow feeders since she is worried about bloat with him since he's a "gorger".

    On an unrelated note, he's a pretty well behaved and well rounded puppy... and is loving city life, mainly because of all the new friends he has made... particularly a golden retriever and supposedly, a lab and pug mix.
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    Partial Blindness

    Has the puppy be diagnosed with partial blindness from a veterinarian?
    If so, these questions could be directed to your dogs practitioner.
    If not, perhaps it is time to have the dog into to see the vet as soon as possible to address your concerns. Do not leave this if you have not yet had the dog in to see the vet.
    Partial blindness, depending on the cause can be reversible.

    I am not too privy on eye disorders in dogs but from what I understand this can be caused by an infection or injury as well as hereditary reasons. Here are a few external links that you may find helpful:

    Hiccups on puppies is apparently fairly common. I believe this is caused from taking in too much air while say eating.
    Here is some further info:

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