4 great dogs says dog warden ZanesvilleOhio pound out of time Please rescue or adopt

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue Forum' started by Elizabetty, May 25, 2009.

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    Please Crosspost: e-mail from Jan. I am not Jan.

    These dogs have been at the pound in Zanesville, OH for a while, but are out of time. The wardens gave them extra time because they are such nice dogs. So if you have room in your rescue, or are looking for a great dog, please consider one of these babies! Email me at jdmanfrin@hotmail.com or call the pound at 740-453-0273. You can see more dogs at Muskingum County Dog Pound & Kennel

    Thanks in advance!


    It's Raining Cats & Dogs In West Virginia: May 25, 2009 Dog Warden Gave These Dogs Extra Time Since They Are Great Dogs BUT Time IS Up. Don't Let Such Good Dogs Die. They Are Alive Today.

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