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    crosspost from rescuer

    Policy of the New Britain Pound is : AFTER 14 DAYS A DOG CAN BE EUTHANIZED AT ANY TIME

    The following four dogs have been at the pound for over 14 days. They are in critical danger of being euthanized.

    I am planning on going to the New Britain Pound on Wednesday, August 15, during afternoon visiting / adoption hours from 3 - 6 pm. If you would like me to find out any information on any of these dogs, let me know. As long as they are still there I will. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can tell the ACO not to euthanize. Of course, if you can take a dog sooner than Wednesday you would be saving a precious life. I can arrange transportation to any rescue. Contact Delette at 203-464-2457 (call or text) or poomeister@hotmail.com.
    Please Please Crosspost. Thank you.

    Thank you,
    Delette Corwel
    Ruff and Scratchy, Inc.

    See pictures

    BROWNSON : Male . Found on July 24. Cute little guy. Takes treats gently.

    FAY : Female. Found on 7/24. I am embarressed to send you these pictures (for the record I didn't take them). She is adorable and very very sweet. Takes treats gently.

    LUKE : Male. Found on 7/25.

    ROSA : Female. Found on 7/20.

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