20 dogs locked in house Paintsville Ky Asking for help

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    "Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:57 am
    Post subject: paintsville .ky TERRIBLE Situation 20 dogs locked in house
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    From: Mary Daniels <corvetteluver01@yahoo.com>
    Date: Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 8:33 PM
    Subject: [CanineRescue] need help! PLEASE READ!!!! Paintsville, KY

    we have a terrible situation that was reported to us. we have 15-20 dogs who have been abandoned. some were locked inside the house with no food/water and others are outside with no shelter, food or water. all are very skinny except for which have decent weight on them. some have broken legs, mange, etc. we also removed a VERY, VERY pregnant bealge who is absolutely miserable and has NO MILK from lack of food/water i guess. she is ready to give birth ANY SECOND! several dog shave already died and bones are visable around the yard.

    i do not have the fosters or the facility to house this many animals....and need help! we have no humane society or shleter here. these animals are in dire need of help! these animals are located in paintsville, ky but we can certianly help with transport if needed, so if anyone can help, please, please contact me! i have left 50lbs of food in various locations of this house for them, but we need to get them out of there asap. i am going to try to get pictures and send out. some are very scared of people, but luckily, most are young (about 4 mths old) so they will have a chance to trust people once they get in a loving, stable enviornment.

    if anyone can help, please call me at 606-424-7082 or email me at corvetteluver01@yahoo.com (@ yahoo.com) we are desperate to get these dogs help. we are just hoping to get the medical treatment they need and rescue them from this terrible situation. if anyone has any room, even for 1, please let us know! thanks in advance for any help!

    Mary J. Daniels

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