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  1. TheDeena

    Do dogs understand laughter?

    Dogs are the most amazing creatures on earth.they can sense all our emotions. They know if we are happy, and, crying, laughing or anything in between. If we utilize good training skills the sky is the limit on the possibilities.
  2. TheDeena

    Hey everyone, new here!

    So how old is your dog and what are you doing with processes to train him?
  3. TheDeena

    Hey everyone, new here!

    how can we help you make your new dog experience a positive one?
  4. TheDeena

    Is grain free bad?

    researched this ALOT. Until Dog Food Advisor tells us not to feed grain free it is kinda wreid since 80 percent of dog foods in stores are grain free. They talked about certain ingredients to be careful such as Taurine. Most importantly on the grain free diet the protein source needs to be...
  5. TheDeena

    Is grain free bad?

    I just bought them A Taste of The Wild dog food which is grain fee but fish based. Was rated number two on dog food advisor. I think from what i can figure out from reading, it is important the first source of protein is meat/fish not potato, peas or something of that nature. Most of the dogs...
  6. TheDeena

    Feeling guilty and finding it hard to cope - advice??

    This is a priceless picture!!! The older dog will let the baby know when enough is enough. I am sure the lab will always be gentle in his approach. My older bishon/poodle can be a jerk on occasion. If you feel your lab is being harassed too much, then separate them for awhile. All in all...
  7. TheDeena

    Is grain free bad?

    Very interesting to read this since i am going through a dog change of food recently. I have always owned small breed dogs, one or two at a time, and for the most part they have always been on grain free. Now, my 15 year old shi/mal which i had to put down a year ago, was on grain free. Now...
  8. TheDeena

    Hey everyone, new here!

    Ok Mike, how old is Scruffy and how are you going about training him so he will not destroy and be a pleasure for all in the family?
  9. TheDeena

    Hello to everyone

    I am SO sorry for you loss. Only those of us who have dogs, can understand the magnitude of what they ad to our lives. Last year, I had to put down my 15 year old shi/mal and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Believe it or not, harder then watching my parents die because it was MY...
  10. TheDeena

    Peggy on Prozac

  11. TheDeena

    Peggy on Prozac

    Just like people antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds need to be adjusted for the dog, however that type of antidepressant will definitely calm him down is the date him so if your vet won't adjust the dosage then I would find another way to keep him down. Do you exercise him extremely well.if...
  12. TheDeena

    House Breaking a Dog w/o being mean??

    One last thought, if you cannot handle or are confused on training, hire a professional you can participate with. I wish i had done that with my older dog who has a very aggressive streak.
  13. TheDeena

    House Breaking a Dog w/o being mean??

    Ok the “mouthing” you refer to is a difficult thing to break a lot of puppies of. My dog is 14 mos old and when she is excited she tries to mouth everything on you. I have a spray bottle of water and spray her and say “no”. Also, get the training treats and make him/her sit and give a treat...
  14. TheDeena

    How often do you clean poop up from your yard?

    Wow, a lot of great info. Point is, how clean you want to keep things and if you have cranky neighborhoods should dictate. Great ideas on compositing etc.
  15. TheDeena

    Homemade Dog Cartoons

    Love this!
  16. TheDeena

    Does it always mean anal gland issues if a dog is butt scooting?

    Usually, or they can have worms. Would take poop sample to vet and if no worms, they will squeeze their anal glands. Mine has to be squeezed fairly regularly (have small dogs).
  17. TheDeena

    How do you wash your pet?

    Sounds like you did pretty good. The only thing I would add is if you live in a cold climate leaving your dog in shower to “shake off” could make them really cold. It is important to dry thoroughly with towel and then dry with blow dryer at least half way. I bathe my dogs once a week with me...
  18. TheDeena

    How many times you feed your dog?

    Wow, that is way too much, if you check with your vet a puppy should not get fed more then 2 times a day. After heshe is fully grown (1 year), depending on size of dog can do 1 or twice a day. Follow the instructions on the dog food. Doing what you are doing will make the dog poop way too...
  19. TheDeena

    Feeling guilty and finding it hard to cope - advice??

    I am so happy I could help. Last night my puppy got diarrhea and had a little accident inside but she woke up and let me know she had to go “just in time”. I am debating since my puppy ( not a puppy 14 mo old), to get a bigger crate so if and when she does get sick she isn’t right in the...
  20. TheDeena

    Inducing vomit dog

    Thanks for the info. Went through kinda the same thing this am but didn’t need peroxide!! There are these nuts where I live that look like pitted peach nuts and my older dog got a hold of them evidentially last night (it was dark) and this morning had the pleasure of vomiting through all my...