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    Hair loss and allergies...

    My boyfriends dad is having a problem with his 11 year old dog Senji. I am just going to paste in the email he sent me. I am just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or additional things he might be able to try. Anything at all. He is quite desperate. Funny thing is that the dog is not...
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    Little Bowie needs SAFE indoor/outdoor home

    I am trying to find a good indoor/outdoor home for a cat who was dumped on me a couple years ago. I was asked by a neighbor to watch her and they never came back for her and moved away. I feel bad waiting so long, but I really think she will be better off in a home with not so many other cats...
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    Itchy old dog

    At work a woman is fostering a very old German Shepard/Wolf mix dog named Chief for us. Chief is a special extended protective custody case so he HAS an owner and will be going back to her. We have no idea when. The foster caregiver said that the poor dog has been so stressed that he is itching...
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    Cats in need, please look, foster homes are great too

    These two are in danger of going to a shelter if not adopted by this weekend. I hate when people do this. This was a craigslist posting I saw a few weeks ago and I keep seeing this posting pop up weekly. No one is interested and this posting they put the part about needing them out by this...
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    Pit Bull Rescues/Dog Sanctuaries??

    Does anyone know of any? I am in Ohio and to make a long story short my rescue has a pit who was starved and neglected but has the sweetest personality and gets along great with other dogs. She is small and tan and her ears were cropped really short via home job. They are all messed up and...
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    Sheltie? Or not?

    So some lady on craigslist claims this to be a purebred, AKC show quality Sheltie. She of course is selling her for a bundle of money. I am curious, because I emailed her... Shelties cannot have blue eyes unless they are Merle right? Is this something that would disqualify them from being...
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    Special kitty needs a good home

    Elka - lynx point Siamese She is about 2-4 years old, spayed, up to date on shots, and tested negative for FIV/FELK. She would love to be an only cat or to live with very few other cats in a quiet home, and definitely needs to live with an experienced cat owner. She is fiercely loyal and...
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    Seeking farm for ferals

    Anyone near NE Ohio have a farm where they wouldn't mind some altered feral cats? My neighbor rounded up some she has been feeding and lured them into her breezeway storage room where she has been feeding them. There is a momma and her first two babies who are about 5 months and her second...
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    Unique kitties if anyone is interested...

    I occasionally post cats who need homes up on here. I have a few unique ones now so I thought I would try again... Snowshoe Siamese MIX: Female, 3-4 years old, FULLY vetted. Very social, playful, loves to be in things, great in new situations, can take places with you. LOVES kids, men, people...
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    Take a shot at this guy's breed

    Any guesses? I know what he is labelled as and I know what his mother SUPPOSEDLY was. So what do you think? This is Leo, he is at the rescue I am doing my job shadow at and he is awesome. I love this dog so much. He is at risk of being euthanized because we was adopted out and bit about 5...
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    Two gorgeous kittens and two sweet adults up for adoption

    Bear with me posting a thread for some kitties who need a good home. These kitties wonderful, playful, happy and perfect with the litterbox so I thought I would give them a shot on here. Patches is about 2 years old. She is super playful, feisty and talkative. She would not be good with kids...
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    Anyone want this sweet little girl? 3 month old collie shepard mix. I went to pick up a cat and her litter from a guy who was living in an apartment that should be condemned and right before I left, this lady who lived there says "wait hang on a second!". She runs to the upstairs apartment...
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    Treated for ticks, but still have a lot of them

    If a dog is treated for ticks with advantix, does that kill the ticks AND repel them? Or just kill the current living ones? Do any of the meds actually PREVENT ticks? I know that one may just on and bite, but will any meds continuously repel/kill them for the month? How about Revolution?
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    umm...American RABBIT Hounds??

    Is this for real? Look like Beagles to me!
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    ATTN: Ohioans looking to adopt kittens!

    Check out these kittens before you go elsewhere to adopt! Please!! I am overflowing with kittens! People keep bringing them to me, dumping them off on me, etc. There are adoption fees and each kitten is fully vetted including neutering and vaccines and deworming.
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    look at this sweet thing!

    This is Lacee. She was one of 4 that lived out of 11 total, the rest were eaten by a dog at my classmates barn. She brought in Lacee and 3 of her siblings. I took the other 3 to a rescuer nearby and I kept her for now because she has lice. Really bad lice, all over her tiny little body. I...
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    cat brought me a sparrow with a puncture in it's chest

    There is probably nothing I can do is there? It is illegal to keep sparrows in your posession, even to nurse back to health in my county I believe. But anything i could secretly do hehe? Oh I don't know, I feel bad.
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    My neighbour is looking for a large breed dog. Newfie preferably, Great Dane or Great Pyrenees too. She currently has another dane and a chocolate lab. They are WONDERFUL people, she works in rescue and rehab of wild animals and they are great with their dogs. Their own dogs are extremely well...
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    Pics of the kits!

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    I am overloaded

    Guys, I am overloaded with cats here right now who need homes so if ANYONE out there is looking to adopt, or knows anyone or passes someone on the street randomly who says they are looking for one, PLEASE email me!! Long haired, short haired, Himalayan, black and white, pure white, pure...