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  1. Sonatica

    Seperation Anxiety? My dog won't walk with other people

    Thanks for the answer! :) Yes, we do that sometimes. He seems fine with it as long as I'm still in the same range as the leash gives him, but he tends to be more careful and either walks right behind me or beside me, as if expecting me to sneak off. There are days when he's more laid back about...
  2. Sonatica

    Seperation Anxiety? My dog won't walk with other people

    Hey there fellow dog lovers! I came here with a question today, because there's been an issue that I can't seem to work on for quite a while. My dog is very clingy to me, which is generally fine. It took us quite a while to learn that he can stay home alone but we got there and he's fine with...
  3. Sonatica

    Trick Training / Marker or Clicker Training, would like some advice :)

    Hey guys! Ever since I got my dog I've been learning tricks with him, it's great fun for both of us and I can see the joy in his eyes when he finally grasps the concept of the trick he's learning, it's wonderful! I use the clicker/marker training method, lately we've been practicing more...
  4. Sonatica

    Introducing Myself :)

    Hello there fellow dog lovers! My name's Nini, though I go by the nickname "Sonatica" on the world wide web. I'm 24 years old and I live in Germany :) I've always loved dogs (and animals in general) and I got my own dog about two years ago, a mid-sized mixed breed who I call Pixel (Pixel...