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    Hey everyone, new here!

    I also just got a dog from the shelter, I believe we have a common topic.
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    How to train a hound

    If you have a very good breed of hounds, but he/she does not receive systematic training, then this dog cannot be a true hunter. A good hound not only has to learn the cultivation of hunting courage, but also to receive a series of training techniques for hunting skills. This will be a...
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    How is my dog kept calm?

    A friend of mine told me that using a decompression dog jacket can solve anxiety problems well. I don't know how it works?
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    How is my dog kept calm?

    Ťhank you
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    How is my dog kept calm?

    My dog became very anxious when thunderstorms and airplanes traveled. He was so uncomfortable, I was very distressed. But there has been no good solution.