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    My two best “friends”, KK and Luna
  2. TheDeena

    How long does a dog bleed when in heat for the first time?

    Sure bandit, anytime!!
  3. TheDeena

    How long does a dog bleed when in heat for the first time?

    Hi, first off I just want to say for education sake, you really really really, should have your dog spaed for their health and longevity in life. If you are not going to mate your dog, you should spay or neuter them. The risk of their getting uterine tumors and breast tumors are greatly...
  4. TheDeena

    WARNING! Zinc poisoning in dogs!

    Yes, it is unreal the harm of most things around the house that can be deadly. I have a one year old dog I have raised sine 8 weeks and she still is into everything. Make sure your dogs dont get a hold of softener sheets for the dryer they can make them very sick. Also, for this time of year...
  5. TheDeena

    Seperation Anxiety? My dog won't walk with other people

    I would suggest picking one person at a time and let that person coax the dog out and walking with treats. See if that works.
  6. TheDeena

    My Hybrid Wolf- needing advice

    If you can afford it , i would look into professional training to make sure you are going about it the right way. Unfortunately, “you can teach an old dog new tricks”, just takes more time and understanding of what the particular dog is capable of and your expectations. There is a lot of good...
  7. TheDeena

    How long does it take to potty train a puppy.

    I have trained several dogs and my latest (a one year old Shitzu/Maltese which I got at 8 weeks was the hardest to train out of all my dogs. I would say my pup wasn’t fully trained for a full 5 or 6 months. And I was home with the dog every day and when I was home I took her out every 15 min...
  8. TheDeena

    Actual food for teething puppy

    There are a lot of other NATURAL chew sticks that would be better I think then a pig’s ear. Some are sold separately or in a bag of 6 to 10. I would buy one of them to see how he digests it. Also, i give a limited amount of time to let them chew on them every night. I have a 1year old and...
  9. TheDeena

    Muzzle for our American Bulldog

    If he will wear a muzzle it doesn’t appear you have much of a choice. Unfortunately, since he was a rescue and probably never had the procedure done from the time he was a puppy, difficult to get him to do it now.
  10. TheDeena

    Flight bound Schipperke

    What kind of breed is that? How does she travel in a car? Do you expect her to get fidgety if she is with you? If so, I would sedate, if not, i would not.
  11. TheDeena

    My puppy is biting everything he is 8 weeks old male cane corso

    Most puppies will mouth or play bite almost through the age of 2 years old. My suggestion is to do crate training which is an excellent way to put them to rest when you're not home or at night and they learn to use that as a safe haven and they know how to calm down and chill out in the crate...
  12. TheDeena

    One breed or many?

    I have always had poodles or poodle mixes except my last two breeds have been shi tzu/Maltese. They have proven to be the best tempered, loving and adorable animals. My poodles Ihave had a couple of mean natured dogs. Although they are very much one person dogs, it is stressful to have a dog...
  13. TheDeena

    Pooping on the rug

    Lol not my current puppy, she doesn’t get the hang of it but all my other dogs picked it up in a couple weeks. Every time i take my puppies out which is every hour on the hour while i am training them, there are bells on the front and back doors and i say “you want to go out”? And then take...
  14. TheDeena

    Pooping on the rug

    Hi, how old is your pet??? You have several options, you can purchase a crate and make sure the crate is small enough so that he/she cannot go in there and usually they will not anyway unless they are sick. This is a long and arduous process but it works, I did this with all my dogs and my 9...
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    How to untrain my Chihuahua?

    Wow that is a tough one. Have you googled an animal behavorialist to see any articles on this? I have a puppy who is 9 MO old and I have trained her from day one to ring the bell when she wants to go out but she won't, I have trained everyone of my dogs to do this and they all fell in line but...
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    Accidentally killed bro's pet. Should I lie about it?

    Yes always better to come clean otherwise it will bite you in the butt. Offer to buy him another goldfish and be sincere in your apology. Good luck
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    Chihuahua Pekingese mix?

    OMG, do you see the picture next to my post??? That is my latest addition, shin tzu/Maltese puppy. She is 9 mos old about 13 lbs and the height of a miniature poodle. She is loving, adorable, and great temperament. I also have a bichon/poodle and have had many poodles during my life but have...
  18. TheDeena

    Electric Razor Shih Tzu

    Wish I could help but have my groomed. God knows you are saving a lot of money doing it your way, however I will say this I have a ship tzu mix and she has the most hair of any dog I have ever had and it is thick, and slick. I would think difficult to cut. As stated above, probably need some...
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    How to untrain my Chihuahua?

    Also, could you tell us how old and how long this has been going on?
  20. TheDeena

    How to untrain my Chihuahua?

    So what exactly is the issue? The dog is peeing everywhere but the piddle pads?