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    No they aren't my favorite but they are small enough that they don't require regular walks in rain or snow. I'm not sure what my favorite dog is, I like them all, ha, ha
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    Homemade Dog Cartoons

    I thought the head tilt meant that they are interested in what you are saying but don't get it, lol
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    Hi and welcome to the forum! What kind of dog do you have? I have a Chihuahua
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    Actual food for teething puppy

    Freeze a wet dishcloth, it helps with the discomfort when your puppy chews on it
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    How long does it take to potty train a puppy.

    My chi caught on fairly quickly but I wouldn't trust a dog completely until around 7 months of age. It's better to be sure than have accidents every now an then which impede housebreaking.
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    What is this little guy?

    Looks like a German Shepherd puppy to me. Whether it's a pure breed can't tell
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    Akita Inu (Japanese) Breed

    If you have dog shows in your area that could be a place where you can come in contact with the breed.
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    Seperation Anxiety? My dog won't walk with other people

    It may just take time. Move away as much as he feels comfortable and then very gradually increase the distance.
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    Seperation Anxiety? My dog won't walk with other people

    Have you tried walking along while a friend is holding the leash? Start off by you holding the leash and while walking gently pass the leash along to your friend.
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    Daily Mail says Fish are man's best friend, not Dogs.

    The Daily Mail is playing a joke on people (my thoughts)
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    help me pick a dog breed

    Boxer, Schnauzer, poodle. Stuff like being able to learn basic commands and able to get along with cats will be up to you to teach
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    One breed or many?

    Besides a mutt as a kid also, I've only had chihuahuas (I'm on my third one). I'd like to get a different breed but afraid of what I may be in for so I stay with what I know, even though within the same breed there are lots of differences in personality and temperament.
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    I want to do a cross breed

    I think if you have to ask then you should not be breeding dogs. In my opinion you are not being a responsible dog owner. Dogs should not be bred on a whim, which is the impression your post is giving me.
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    My new pencil sketch

    The artwork there looks fantastic! Couldn't tell which were yours, I'm assuming the pet portraits? They look great, you're very talented.